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When To Prune A Yew

How far back can you prune yews? What is the lifespan of a yew bush? How do you thicken a yew hedge?

5 Minutes Read

How Deep Do Stump Grinders Go

Does stump grinding leave a hole? How do you accelerate a stump rot? Is it worth buying a stump grinder?

7 Minutes Read

Flowers Falling Off Cucumber Plants

How often do cucumber plants flower? How can I pollinate my cucumbers? How do you keep cucumber plants healthy?

8 Minutes Read

How Often Should You Water Mint

When should I water my mint? How often should mint be repotted? Where is the best place to put a mint plant?

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When To Cut Daffodils For Vase

Why don't you cut daffodils open? How long do cut daffodils last in a vase? What happens if you cut daffodils too early?

7 Minutes Read

Red Ant Like Bugs On Tomatoes

What are little red bugs in garden? How do I get rid of red bugs in my garden? What kills red mites on contact?

6 Minutes Read

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